Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Passed my Final Competency Test!

Today I had my final competency test at an extended care facility. Since both my mom and grandma (or sister and mom depending on which one you talk to) were also being tested I got to go through that facility twice! There were so many really nice people that I got to see. Several of them asked me to give them kisses which I love to give! They really know how to pet a dog! I was so happy to be there. I loved seeing their faces light up when they saw me coming! It really makes me happy to visit them. One lady told me all about the dog who used to be her companion and how much she missed her. The test was to see how I behaved around the people at the facility and how treated them. The ladies that were testing me told me how well I did! They said that I was a natural!

Now on to the next step. Since both my sister/mom and my mom/grandma are doing internships, I get to do two internships! At the end of the internship, if I do well, I will become a certified therapy dog! I'm so excited!

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