Sunday, March 5, 2017

I love when people read to me! Yesterday, was so cold in the morning I was worried that no one would come to read to me at the West Warwick, RI library. When I arrived there were lots of children waiting to read to me. They took turns reading lots of stories, snuggling to me and giving me lots of pats. Even some of the parents had fun petting me.

There were a couple children that wanted to be there, but were scared of me. I found out that they were scared of all dogs and not just me, which made me feel better.  My guardian brought a large stuffed animal she calls "little Sahara" for the ones that are scared of dogs to snuggle to instead of me. One little boy snuggled to little Sahara most of the time. A girl who was scared of me at the start pet me as I was leaving. That made me smile and wag my tail.

I look forward to having them read to me again on Saturday, May 20th at 10am.