Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Passed my Final Competency Test!

Today I had my final competency test at an extended care facility. Since both my mom and grandma (or sister and mom depending on which one you talk to) were also being tested I got to go through that facility twice! There were so many really nice people that I got to see. Several of them asked me to give them kisses which I love to give! They really know how to pet a dog! I was so happy to be there. I loved seeing their faces light up when they saw me coming! It really makes me happy to visit them. One lady told me all about the dog who used to be her companion and how much she missed her. The test was to see how I behaved around the people at the facility and how treated them. The ladies that were testing me told me how well I did! They said that I was a natural!

Now on to the next step. Since both my sister/mom and my mom/grandma are doing internships, I get to do two internships! At the end of the internship, if I do well, I will become a certified therapy dog! I'm so excited!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Nursing Home/Assisted Living test

I just realized that I forgot to let you know that I passed the nursing home/assisted living center test the Saturday before last! The test was to see how I would do walking around the facility and visiting the people that live there. The first people I got to visit were sitting down in the dining room having their lunch. The lunch smelled so good, and I wanted to try some, but I know my manners! I didn't even beg. I visited with this nice lady in a wheelchair who petted me. She held her hands out for me to kiss! I visited some other people in the dining room too. Then we went into several of the rooms where the people weren't able to join the others in the dining room and had room service instead. We visited with two really nice gentlemen in the first room. I think one of the men wanted me to jump up into his bed with him, but there really wasn't room for me to do that and so I stayed right next to him so he could pet me.

There were some things that had fallen on the floor that I saw when we walked by. I was told to leave it because there could be medicine that would hurt me on the floor or some other spill that would be bad for me to lick up. I listened because I knew that they wanted me to be safe.

We visited with some really nice ladies in their rooms too. They all love dogs and were happy to see me! They were sad when I had to leave the room so that their meal could be brought to them. Then I got to visit the people in the dining room again and see the lady in the wheel chair one more time.

The people there were so friendly and nice. they all seemed as happy to see me as I was to visit them. I love being around people and being petted. On November 19, 2011 I have my final test and then start my internship. I am so excited about being a therapy dog!

The Mall Test

I love it when my family gets my harness and vest out of my bag. I wait quietly while they put them on me. I know that this is not just a normal walk that we are going on. It will be something special. On Saturday, I was taken to the mall to see how I would handle all of the excitement, distractions and people. There were lots of noises and brightly colored lights and interesting smells at the mall. Especially as we neared the food court! I walked quietly by Jacqie's side. There were children that ran up to me and wanted to pet me. I stood quietly while they stroked my fur. One boy asked if I gave kisses. Sure enough I gave him some! There were small children in strollers and small children sitting on benches that wanted to pet me. I was thinking that it doesn't get any better than this! I love being around children! I was sad when we left the mall and walked back to the car, but glad that I passed my test. I'm that much closer to becoming a therapy dog!

Kandu - an amazing little dog who really can do!

A Windwalker friend, Noreen, posted a story about a Jack Russell terrier that was born with only two legs. The person he originally lived with took him to the local animal protection league to be put down because he didn't think the dog would have any quality of life. Then he was adopted by a family near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, who made a device for him to wear so that he could run around just like any other dog. They even made a ski for him to use in the winter! They named him Kandu as in he can do anything! Kandu also is a therapy dog! He brings hope and comfort to those he visits. I love hearing about another dog to inspire me as I start my work as a therapy dog! To see Kandu in action, click the link below:

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Flu season - for dogs too!

A spike in dog flu cases has been reported through the United States and although I can not give it to my human family, it resembles the flu that they might get. Listed below are some links to information about dog flu.

Dog flu mostly resembles kennel cough. The most important thing to remember is that if your dog shows any of the symptoms of dog flu, keep them away from other dogs! Since it is spreads from the dog coughing or sneezing, it is easily spread. If your dog gets the flu, please call your veterinarian to find out if treatment is needed.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Friend's Poem and Story

Two of my springer spaniel friends, Guinevere and Theo's  mom, Cynthia Vanaudenhove, sent me this poem and the story that inspired it. Please enjoy reading, but any other use must have Cynthia's written permission since she holds the copyright. Her contact information can be found at
Why I Wrote the Poem
The poem was written because of my Professional Pet Assisted Therapy with a wonderful lady at Zambarano Hospital who has known all 6 of my dogs;  Fallon, Abigail, Scout, Tucker (all 4 gone now) and now Guinevere & Theo. She had an especially strong bond with Fallon and Abbie and had formed a sort of "secret" relationship with them. They would sit close and seem to share secrets. It was amazingly touching. She was their favorite client..or shall I say special friend. And she said goodbye to Fallon only days before Fallon passed away. When I came to tell her, I brought Abbie with me, who sat with the lady as she cried about Fallon's passing. It was deeply emotional but strangely wonderful. Nothing like it! So this is to honor Fallon, Abbie and their special friend...who sadly I cannot name....shhhh its another secret..but my dogs know who!
-Cynthia Vanaudenhove

I'm bringing you Joy on all fours!
by Cynthia Vanaudenhove

God said:
I have a job for a dog.
I'll give him all fours, then he can carry my joy
A wagging tail and a smile, that's what the job requires
Joy on all fours he will do.

And dog said:
I'll bring them your joy on all fours!
That's what I will do

I'll share my toy or shake my paw
I'll sit by your chair or touch feet on the floor.
I know what you see, just a dog, but much more.
Do I remind you of a one that was once yours?

I'm able to reach out and willing to share
I'm soft, I'm gentle, I simply show you I care
Yes for you I am here.. Do I hear a tear?
Do I see something that is hard to bear?

My eyes are sharp, when yours are not
I see deeper than most. A person, and a life, I see what they don't, I see quite a lot!
My ears listen when your voice stops
I can hear what others forgot

Tell me your story, I'll tell you mine.
We'll talk a while and then I'll give you a sign
A sign that will be simply between you and me
A paw that will mean, “ I see, I see”.

My touch speaks to your soul
Your soul is alive and so full.
“What? They can't hear it? “
“Shhh .They aren't a dog.....I'll tell them all. “

I'm bringing them joy. Joy on all fours.

Joy that makes glad & opens the doors
Joy that turns rain into beautiful bows
Joy that creates smiles from once hidden by sorrows
Joy that sings songs that take us through tomorrow

I wish they could see what I see – God's beings
I wish they could hear what I hear –  voices singing
I wish they could touch what I touch – truest feelings
I could tell them so much – it would be healing

But between you & me it will be
Too bad they can't be me
But God made me a dog not a frog or a tree.
He made me to feel and hear and to see
So I could sit beside you today and make you free

I'm bringing them joy on all fours

You see Joy times four is so much more!
Just let me bring them what I'm made for
That's why God made me a dog not a moth or a boar
I'm bringing them joy on all fours
Joy is for life, for love and for all.
I'm bringing you joy on all fours.
Now they call me a therapy dog, but I'm just a dog,
A dog God made to bring you His Joy on all fours!

 © 2011 C. Vanaudenhove

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rest In Peace Rocky

West Warwick Animal Shelter reported on October 27, 2011 that Rocky lost his valiant attempt to recover from his ordeal. Rocky was the dog found starving that I mentioned in a couple of previous posts. In the end, his kidneys shut down because of Lyme disease.  Rocky was loved by the people at the shelter and they took good care of him. Rocky had people checking the West Warwick Animal Shelter facebook page to see how he was doing. People who cared what happened to him.

Please talk to your veterinarian about vaccinating your pets for Lyme disease. Give them their flea and tick treatments every month, and have your vet test them for Lyme at their annual check-up. My vet gives me the Lyme vaccine and she checks for Lyme when I have my blood-work checked at my annual exams. Even with the flea and tick treatment, my family often finds ticks on me. Be vigilant! Please keep your pet safe.